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Inside Out

At Good Shots Health and Beauty Wellness Spa we believe Good Health starts from the inside out.
If you feel good and are healthy on the inside, it will display on the outside.
Good Shots aims to be your one stop shop for immunizations, travel medicine, vitamin injections, medical consulting, beauty services and more to help supplement your goal of Good Health.  Located conveniently in Glen Burnie, MD you can easily stop by to book your appointment here on our website.

American Association of Nurse Practitioners
Veteran Owned Business

Health Services

Good Shots is proud to offer health enhancing services like vitamin and antioxidant supplements, fat burning injections, vaccines for school and work and medications for travel. Good Shots also provides medical consultation services tailored to meet the needs of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. Our services are performed by licensed medical professionals with years of experience. We take the work that we do serious because we take your health serious. 

Our services are unique in that you cannot get them at your doctor’s office and most of our services are not covered by insurance. Let Good Shots help you on your journey to optimal health.

At Good Shots we also understand the importance of looking good. Our services like body contouring and fat reduction, skin tightening, and vitamin supplementation can improve your outer beauty and boost your confidence, giving you the Good Shot glow from the Inside Out.

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